Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tadika Mata Hati's 3rd Convocation

A few weeks ago, the kindergarten cum nursery held its 3rd convocation. Bro H was supposed to be on stage with others for choir & prayer recital. Sis A was supposed to take part in the catwalk. Well, Sis A was so enthusiastic about it and kept asking for 5 things: hat, umbrella, spec(tacles) aka glasses, (high-heeled) shoes and 'hand'. What is 'hand?' I asked her.. Then I realised she'd been asking for gloves.. hahaha.. a 3 year old who already knew what she wanted... So both of us went shopping for the items.. sorry Sis A, Mama could only buy the spec, and the dress..
On the day itself Mama had to leave them and pretended to go to Mama's school. Mama had breakfast in the car and went to join the crowd of parents under the tent (trying to be hidden from view).
But Mama is an avid photographer and couldn't resist taking pictures. Bro H saw Mama first and refused to get on the stage, preferring instead running here and there and making Mama grit her teeth. Then Sis A saw Mama while she was singing (in the choir - she's the only girl who did not wear the kindy's uniform) and after that she refused to get on the stage for the catwalk.. Well, so much for the enthusiasm weeks earlier.

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