Friday, 30 December 2011

Pot luck

Every year it is our annual affair. Mama always look forward to the meetings because on the last day, it is our(unspoken) tradition, to have a pot luck brunch or lunch. We would have a wide selection of food and delicacies to choose from and we (including Mama) will gain extra inches either at the waist or some other places. Ahem!
After a stressful 3-week of doing our 'assignments', it is no wonder we celebrate the last day of our meeting in style.
Mama has been with this group since 2000 and since then, the members always change; some will go and others will come to replace them. But they are Mama's second family. We share our joys and sometimes sorrows with each other, not to mention a lot of gossips too. We only meet once a year, and when we do, there are always a lot of catching ups to do. It is a marvellous feeling and somehow throughout the years, we have established closer relationships and warm camaraderie.

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