Monday, 12 December 2011

Fazren Rafiqie bin Faiz Faisal

This adorable boy is the latest addition to the Bakri family and so far, is Bro H and Sis A's youngest nephew. The children and Mama went to visit the mother and the baby last Friday (the new mother is in confinement and now stays at her mother's house). Surprisingly there were two newborns there and Mama was like, errr.. they have twins and they forgot to inform me? Hahaha.. It seemed that two boys were born only a month apart and the older boy belongs to the new mother's elder sister.
We were served Pulut Kuning (yellow glutinous rice) garnished with stripped colourful omelette and chicken curry.

Mama googled and found this website:
It explains how to prepare the Pulut Kuning in detail and also other Malay traditional fares as well.

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