Tuesday, 13 December 2011

1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M) Programme

Last Saturday Mama had to report for duty at school along with several other teachers and support staff. The reason? We have to distribute the BR1M forms to people living/staying/working/holidaying near our school. BR1M is the short form for Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (1Malaysia People's Aid) The people started trickling in since 8am and when Mama finished her shift at about 2pm, people were still coming in droves. The Malaysian government is giving the one-off RM500 monetary aids to people / families earning less than RM3000 per month and the response was overwhelming. On the first day itself (Saturday), almost 1000 forms were distributed at Mama's school and imagine how many forms had been given away to people throughout the country?
It was fun watching the people and they came from all walks of life. One elderly single mother repeatedly thanking Mama after Mama helped her filling up the form (She was illiterate) and one elderly couple also sought Mama's help (They could not read the questions clearly due to old age thus needed Mama's help too). In Mama's opinion, these are the people who really need the aid.
We were tickled (and Mama was a bit shocked too at this man's audacity) when a man came and asked for 3 forms. He has 3 wives (and how on earth he manage to support the wives if he earns less than 3K permonth unless the wives support him? Hahaha) and each wife has to fill in the forms separately.
All in all, things went smoothly on that first day and until today people still came to Mama's school either to get the form or to hand in the completed ones. You see, the penghulu or the village head was there too to accommodate these people (To validate the completed forms).

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