Saturday, 3 December 2011

Nasi Kerabu (Herbed Rice)

Yes, I can't help talking about food. Malaysians love food and I am a true blue Malaysian. More so if you are a Kelantanese. (Kelantan is one of the 14 states in Malaysia and is famous for its delicious, yummy food). I love going for this kind of meetings because I can meet old friends (some of us only meet each other once a year for the occasion although we live in the same town / state) and go out for breakfast / brunch together and trying out new eatery/dishes at the same time.
Today, on our last day of meeting, we decided to stop at Pasir Tumbuh and try the 'Nasi Kerabu' (Herbed Rice). It is a delicious Kelantanese speciality and usually served with choices of sides such as 'ayam percik', (barbequed spicy chicken) 'sambal kelapa' , 'solok lada' (chilli stuffed with minced fish and grated coconut) and others.
Today I chose 'peparu goreng' (deep fried offal in turmeric) and 'daging bakar' (roasted turmeric beef) to be eaten with my nasi kerabu. Simple but enough to last me until afternoon.

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