Friday, 16 December 2011

Budding Artist?

Bro H and Sis A love to draw.. well, to doodle or scribble to be exact. Wonder where they get the interest from. Mama is so not into drawing and painting. When Mama was at school, Mama was always stressed during the Arts & Design class(Mama's school didn't offer the regular Art Education classes) and was always at the bottom of the class. Urghhh.. Mama is still stressed thinking about it although it was more than 30 years ago.. hikhikhik.. Sorry Cikgu Alias (Mama's former teacher). Mama loved you, cikgu but she hated arts and still do.
Anyway, back to these sweethearts, they will always find places/things/papers to show off their artistic (or the lack of it)skills. Sometimes Bro H will draw while mumbling stories about the picture. Sis A is more secretive and hates it when Mama takes a peek on her unfinished drawing. "Close your eyes, Mama' and when she's done, she will say,"Tadaa... now you can open your eyes, Mama'. Anyway, Mama love you both so much. It doesn't matter if your drawings are not a masterpiece; Mama will still love you, warts and all.

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