Friday, 23 December 2011

PMR Results

From Wikipedia: Penilaian Menengah Rendah (commonly abbreviated as PMR; Malay for Lower Secondary Assessment) is a Malaysian public examination taken by all Form Three students (15 year olds) in both government and private schools throughout the country. It was formerly known as Sijil Rendah Pelajaran (SRP; Malay for Lower Certificate of Education). It is set and examined by the Malaysian Examinations Syndicate (Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia), an agency that constitutes the Ministry of Education.
This standardised examination is held annually during the first or second week of October. The passing grade depends on the average scores obtained by the candidates for this examination.
The results are released in late December every year to all candidates through the relevant schools. The grades ranges from A (excellent) to E (failure), or even T for non-attendance (Tidak hadir). The grading scores may be slightly readjusted based on general performances.

Today Mama went to school to see the PMR results. It was a long wait. Mama arrived at school around 9am and the results came in around 12pm. The teachers (as you can see from the photos) were nervous ( More than the students, I think!!). The best students (the straight As and the ones who scored 7As and above went on the stage to get their result slips) from the principal. The teachers' fears were founded afterall.It seems that this year the performance of Mama's school has declined slightly. The number of straight As students is also fewer compared to last year's. Well, colleagues and staff, be prepared for visits from the PPD (District Education Office), JPN (State Education Department) and KPM (Ministry of Education) officials next year. Time to pull up our socks!

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