Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hana's Engagement

Fuh, Mama is so glad to see everything here is still where they are supposed to be. After Mama read that a fellow blogger's blog, Al Manar was removed, Mama had quite a scare. After all, it has been nearly a month since Mama wrote anything here.
The exam scripts were all done in the middle of last week but as usual, there had been lots of things to do, so this blog had to be put aside for a while. Now, Mama hopes starting this week things would get back to Mama's normal routine and would allow Mama to write something here.
Now let's back to the topic here.
On the 3rd day of Syawal, Hana, my second youngest stepdaughter, got engaged. When she studied in Johor, she met this guy who lived in the same neighbourhood.

As usual, lots of food to choose from
 Well, Mama reached Amirah's house (Amirah is Mama's youngest stepdaughter), the future bridegroom and his family were already on their way there. Hana was frantic because her aunt and uncle (who was supposed to be the spokesperson for her) were also on the way (from Pasir Putih) and stuck in a traffic jam!
However, they managed to arrive on time and Mama also heaved a sigh of relief because at the time Mama was the only 'adult' there and Mama was hopeless at this kind of thing.
The children playing with their sis-in-law's Tab. The boy and girl in red are Sis A and Bro H's nephew and niece.

Abah's sister and her husband (the spokesperson)

The children's aunt (Abah's sister) and Kak Long (their half sister)

The future bridegroom's family with their 'hantaran' (gifts)

Since the mother couldn't make the long trip, one of Hana's future sis-in-law put the ring on Hana's finger

The engagementt ring

While the engagement ceremony took place in the living room, the children were having fun in Amirah's room

Hana and her future husband, Ridzwan.

Bro H and his nephew (who is one year older than him by the way)

Abah's younger brother (in grey shirt) surrounded by his nieces, wife and children.

Bro H and Sis A's elder half-brothers (Hazi and Faiz) after the guests had gone home.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Still Busy

Sorry, the blog has to take the back seat since Mama is up to her neck with SPM trial exam scripts.