Monday, 31 December 2012

Proofread Before You Post

Reblog this, if you proofread before you post!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tab Mania

Whoa, finally Mama is back after a long absence. Yup, Mama had been so busy (even though it was the year end school holidays) and with the school going to reopen in a few days' time, Mama thought Mama should write something in the blog lest it disappears due to neglect.

Mama had been lagging behind in blogging though Mama had wanted to tell lots of things here. When you grow up, my dear children, and able to read Mama's blog you will remember and be reminded of the things you had done.

After Eid-ul-Fitr, Mama and the children had some travelling to do, and Mama had been thinking very hard indeed how to prepare the children for such a long trip. Bro H would never sit still for a long time and from past experience, would have Mama climbing the wall in a short time.

After deliberating it over, Mama finally decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab (instead of the new iPad) for the children and whilst at it, bought a Samsung hand phone for Mama.

So here it is, the things that Mama bought a week after Eid and Mama had not regretted it since.

Mama's mission was successful. Bro H kept glued to the new toy in the departure halls, at the foyers, in the car, practically anywhere. And when the brother sat still, the little girl wouldn't be as adventurous thus making Mama easier to handle both of them.
At home
At the foyer of the building of the Akad Nikah (of Mama's cousin)

 Mama with a colleague during a school event. The tab is Mama's second camera.
 Bro H and Sis A with their cousin, Izzat
 At the recreational area by the Kelantan River a few days ago when Mama, Atok and Nenek went to look at the river's water level.
 Kiki the cat also didn't miss the chance of enjoying the tab while nursing her kittens.
 Watching their favourite clip on Youtube together (after some bickering)

With their half-sister, Amirah

 With their cousin, Armijn at the foyer.
 Outside the grand ballroom where the guests had their lunch. The tables were put there in case the guests need some fresh air while waiting (and for guests who bring along little ones like yours truly)
 At Atuk's cousin's house. His son was seriously injured in a hit and run accident on the PLUS highway.

 At the Tapah R & R (on the way to Ipoh for the wedding reception)
A few days after Mama bought the tab, the children were engrossed with the games at their grandparents' place.

With the friendly Moroccan couple while waiting for our flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Now Mama only has to download new games when we go for trips (short or long ones) and Mama wouldn't have to climb the walls any more.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I Love You, Cikgu

This morning Mama had to go to the bank with Atuk and Nenek because we had to settle something concerning the deposit box thingy. Mama had to drive because these past two months Atuk was suffering from swollen feet. At first, he thought Gout was the culprit but when Mama's sister came back during the Eid-ul-Adha, she examined him and told us that he had sprained (or strained?) muscle.

It was very taxing indeed for someone who dislikes crowds (people, cars, whatever) to drive to the centre of Kota Bharu town. That's one thing and another thing that Mama loathes to do is to find a parking space. That's not easy to do in Kota Bharu, during the school holidays and during office hours!
Luckily, after waiting patiently for a few minutes, Mama managed to park with the bank only a few doors away.

While Atuk hobbling slowly upstairs, and with Nenek holding his hand, Mama walked behind them. Mama realised there were two persons walking on the other side of the stairs, walking up slowly, also to the same bank. When we reached the top, Mama was so surprised to see the smiling face of Mama's former secondary school Bahasa Melayu teacher and Mama was so touched (Atuk and Nenek too - they told Mama later) when Mama's teacher called Mama 'Na' affectionately. She remembers Mama!

Mama hugged her and she hugged Mama back. We exchanged pleasantries and news. Atuk still remembers her because when Mama and other Kelantanese friends boarded the buses back and forth (Kota Bharu - Kuala Terengganu  and vice versa) for our semester holidays, she and other Kelantanese teachers were always with us, looking after us. She was still single then, and Mama's school was her first school.

She asked for the transfer back to Kelantan when Mama was in Form 3. Mama and friends missed her a lot especially Mama's homeroom members. There were only 16 of us in Homeroom E and Mama's teacher treated us like her younger brothers and sisters.

I love you Cikgu. You are a retiree now but in my heart, you are my Cikgu forever.

* Cikgu = Teacher

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Greek God Injury Report

A New Hotel In Town - Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites

Today, after shopping at the one and only shopping centre in Wakaf Che Yeh,

Mama saw there was a car parked at the newly built hotel across the road, and the passenger getting out from the car was carrying a suitcase up into the hotel main entrance. Mama realised that the new hotel is finally open for business!

Mama asked Atuk to drop her in front of the hotel so that Mama could find out the rates of the rooms and whether all facilities are ready to be used by the guests. Even the front desk staff could see Mama's super excited face and told everything that Mama wanted to know.

Yes, Mama is super excited because firstly, this hotel is near to Atuk and Nenek's house. Secondly, it is right at the hub of the fast rising new town, Wakaf Che Yeh, which is well-known for its 'pasar borong' and night market.

The children's preschool is about 300 metre away and it is in the vicinity of Mama's school too.

And for the time being (until end of February), they are offering promotional rates.

Mama hasn't had the time to take the pictures of the exterior (and the interior) of the hotel yet, but wait for the updates, okay?

As promised, here are more pictures of the hotel

Femme Fatale?

Bro H is getting better at handling the Tab and this (very) short clip was taken by him yesterday at Atuk's house. Mama, as usual would be deleting any pictures or clips that Mama deemed unsuitable to remain in the tab at night, when the children are asleep. And Mama was really surprised to see Mama's little girl posing 'flirtatiously' to the camera. Wonder where she learnt it from...


Finally, Mama has finished marking and keying in the marks for the form 4 papers! What a relief to finally being able to blog, to read and to do anything Mama likes for the next 5 days. And after this, starting 24th November till 24th December Mama will be quite busy again.

Let's see, Mama has a lot of pictures to upload and stories to tell and Mama will try to do all those in these few days..

But before that, let's celebrate!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Any Old/Unused Furniture To Give Away?

From Furry Friends Farm, Malaysia Facebook and Website

Furry Friends Farm

We need second hand play pens and water feeder, for our Adoption Drive. Those who would like to give away, yours, please message/call  Myza Nordin at (016) 371 7692. You may send it to us, or we can arrange for pick up. Either way, which is convenient to you.

We also need old beds & mattress, cupboard for our worker hostel. Don't mind, old television, old radio, as well....happy worker, will be happy doing their job and in return, we have happy dogs and cats.

This is our furkids home, and our job is to make them happy and feels belong. It's heaven, seeing wagging tails and smiling face, where money can't buy !!!!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Happy New Year 1434 / 2012

Happy Maal Hijrah a.k.a New Year to all my Muslim friends,

And today is this blog's 1st birthday too.
Mama admits that Mama has been neglecting the blog these past few weeks but Mama is trying her best to write more often now since the school holidays are finally here!

Bro H lost his first tooth!

The tooth

 Bro H with one tooth missing.

Naturally he was quite upset with his missing tooth, and when his grandmother took the tooth away, he kept repeating, 'Repair my tooth, repair my tooth'..

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hana's Engagement

Fuh, Mama is so glad to see everything here is still where they are supposed to be. After Mama read that a fellow blogger's blog, Al Manar was removed, Mama had quite a scare. After all, it has been nearly a month since Mama wrote anything here.
The exam scripts were all done in the middle of last week but as usual, there had been lots of things to do, so this blog had to be put aside for a while. Now, Mama hopes starting this week things would get back to Mama's normal routine and would allow Mama to write something here.
Now let's back to the topic here.
On the 3rd day of Syawal, Hana, my second youngest stepdaughter, got engaged. When she studied in Johor, she met this guy who lived in the same neighbourhood.

As usual, lots of food to choose from
 Well, Mama reached Amirah's house (Amirah is Mama's youngest stepdaughter), the future bridegroom and his family were already on their way there. Hana was frantic because her aunt and uncle (who was supposed to be the spokesperson for her) were also on the way (from Pasir Putih) and stuck in a traffic jam!
However, they managed to arrive on time and Mama also heaved a sigh of relief because at the time Mama was the only 'adult' there and Mama was hopeless at this kind of thing.
The children playing with their sis-in-law's Tab. The boy and girl in red are Sis A and Bro H's nephew and niece.

Abah's sister and her husband (the spokesperson)

The children's aunt (Abah's sister) and Kak Long (their half sister)

The future bridegroom's family with their 'hantaran' (gifts)

Since the mother couldn't make the long trip, one of Hana's future sis-in-law put the ring on Hana's finger

The engagementt ring

While the engagement ceremony took place in the living room, the children were having fun in Amirah's room

Hana and her future husband, Ridzwan.

Bro H and his nephew (who is one year older than him by the way)

Abah's younger brother (in grey shirt) surrounded by his nieces, wife and children.

Bro H and Sis A's elder half-brothers (Hazi and Faiz) after the guests had gone home.