Saturday, 17 December 2011

Splash-ing Time

Yeah, being a career woman and a single mother is really taxing. Sometimes Mama feels guilty leaving the children at the preschool cum day care even though it is the school holidays. Mama still has to work during the school holidays, unlike what some people think. Like other parents, Mama always dreams of having a break from work and routine. Bro H and Sis A too haven't been on a vacation for such a long time. It's easy to please them at their age. Anything out of routine IS a holiday for them.
Look how happy they were this evening. Right after fetching them from the day care Mama brought them here. At first they were quite timid, sitting on the steps. After other kids started joining them, they had a splashing time, splashing water everywhere. Kids easily make friends (how I wish adults are the same) and after nearly 2 hours in the splash pool, Mama practically had to drag them out. Brrr.. it was cold today. It was really windy since early morning and Mama had to order hot tea (and chicken chop) to keep herself warm (and Mama didn't get into the water at all!).

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