Friday, 10 August 2012

Snooze Class

Why do I keep dozing off in class?

We are going to be talking about what makes a good student, and what makes a bad student. In my personal experience, I believe a student who is full of energy and well attentive will do their best. Here is how to pay the most attention during class during your school career.
So many people I know aren't able to stay up for long periods of time during a class session at school, whether it be high school, or college. They just don't seem like they are able to stay focused, or just end up falling asleep during a lecture, or note taking. So I was thinking to myself what makes people stay awake, and what makes those other people in class fall asleep, so I came upon a short list of things that will help you stay more attentive during class.
First thing you want to do is stay well hydrated. When you drink water, it fuels you throughout the day. Make sure to drink not when you actually are thirsty, but before then. Sometimes, even though I don't like to say it, coffee in the morning helps people stay focused. But that normally causes people to just crash later because of the caffeine. So make sure if you have coffee, that you only have a class or two, and don't have to pay attention all day long. Otherwise your last classes will suffer.
So the day before did you get a good nights rest? If you didn't, and can't stay focused the next day, maybe that might be one of your problems. The body regularly go through R.E.M. sleep, (rapid eye movement), you go through phases of this throughout the night, which science had lead us to believe it is a step in recovering our lost energy, and charging our bodies up for the next days activities.
If you only get 4 or 5 hours of sleep, as opposed to someone who gets 8 or 9 hours of sleep, guaranteed that person will be more attentive in class than you are, unless of course that other person doesn't care about education, then that is an exception.
Eating breakfast is another big issue. Too many teenagers and young adults do not have breakfast, which will speed up your metabolism, which will make you have more energy, which will ultimately lead to you being able to focus better with your school work.
Sitting up straight is also one of my big ones. If I end up slouching through half the class, I get drowsy and sleepy and don't really retain information, even though I do watch what the professor does and I take notes. Make sure to sit up straight, and it will really make you force yourself to pay more attention, and retain more information.

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