Friday, 31 August 2012

Eid-Ul-Fitr 2012

Eid-Ul-Fitr came and went and the children (including Mama) have enjoyed celebrating it with Atuk, Nenek, and cousins. Only Uncle Sham and Mama were there on the 1st day of Eid since Aunt Ya (and her family) only reached KB at about 7pm on the 2nd day. Uncle Himi (and his family) arrived on the 3rd day at about 9 am. Mama could see Mama's parents' faces glowed with happiness when all their 4 children were finally there under one roof.

Atuk, Nenek and their 5 grandchildren

All in the family 

Nenek's younger sister's place (Pulai Chondong)

Bro H enjoying the sparklers

Aunt Ya (as usual the supplier for the sparklers and firecrackers) had brought a lot of them this year.

The children enjoying the bubbles. Armijn (in black t-shirt) is the first grandchild. His sister, Lyla, was sitting next to Bro H and behind them were Izzat, Atuk and Nenek.

Can't wait to gobble up the cake. Uncle Sham celebrated his 45th birthday.

 Bro H and Sis A on the 1st Syawal
 Bro H still found the time to play computer games
 One of the rare moments when Sis A 'bonded' with a young visitor. Usually it takes quite a while for her to be 'warm' with people.
In front of the house, with Mama's childhood friend who is also Nenek's former student.

Sis A also sneaked into the room to play games once in a while. 

Sis A and Bro H with Mama's friend's nephews and nieces

 Sharing is caring. Sis A, Bro H and cousin Izzat were playing some Angry Birds game on the Tab.
Cousin Armijn

Cousin Lyla

Posing on Atuk's 'vintage' car : MG Midget

Sis A and Cousin Lyla

Cheeky Zebra

With Aunt Ya, cousin Izzat at the Land Office

The old family home of Nenek

The children jumping on the wooden floor at the balcony. They were not used to the sounds they made when they walked / ran/ jumped on the wooden floor and were excited by them (the sounds). 

Tok Baso means Tok Bahasa or Juru Bahasa (the translator). It is believed that Nenek's ancestor came from China and used to work at the palace working as a translator for the king or palace officials. 

The boys letting off their steam by playing football at a nearby field

Uncle Sham treated all of us at a local hotel. Bro H ate a lot that night.

Sis A 

Bro H

Playing games on the Tab (again)

 Uncle Himi supervising the over-excited children

Uncle Himi went back on Saturday, Uncle Sham on Sunday and finally Aunt Ya on Monday.
Happy Eid, everyone.

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