Wednesday, 8 August 2012


After weeks of watching Barbie's Thumbelina,

and before this it was Barbie and The Nutcracker

and Barbie's Rapunzel

all of which Mama had memorised the scripts (the result of continuous CD playing when the children were home), today Mama brought home a new Barbie CD

which Mama thought would make Sis A squeal with delight (her usual response when Mama showed her new Barbie CDs). Tonight her response was different and her words brought a smile to Mama's lips.
"Bakpo Mama beli CD Barbie lagi? (Why did you buy another Barbie CD?)
" Bakpo tak beli CD Harish.. Ultraman ko, Power Rangers ko, (Why didn't you buy CDs for Harish, like Ultraman, Power Rangers)
Wow, and Mama chuckled to herself.
Note to self : Buy a boy CD next time.

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