Saturday, 4 August 2012


Mama had a restless night on Friday because Mama's fingers and wrists acted up again. And when Mama rummaged through her handbag for relief, she was dismayed to find that her medicinal supply had run out. This morning, Mama had a slight fever because of that unbearable pain. The house was also  in a mess because Mama had no energy to run after those two boisterous children and when they quarrelled, Mama just let them be. When the pain got worse in the afternoon, Mama forced herself to drive to the local pharmacy to get this.

It was very difficult negotiating the corners because Mama had to grip the steering hard with two (very painful) hands. Today was Saturday so finding a parking was indeed a problem. Luckily Mama's car is an automatic one. Getting the children to stay put in the car was another problem so Mama had to stop here

and bought them some toys to distract them while Mama made a quick stop at the pharmacy.
Tonight the hands felt better but Mama should not forget to take another pill during sahur tomorrow morning.

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