Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I Love You, Cikgu

This morning Mama had to go to the bank with Atuk and Nenek because we had to settle something concerning the deposit box thingy. Mama had to drive because these past two months Atuk was suffering from swollen feet. At first, he thought Gout was the culprit but when Mama's sister came back during the Eid-ul-Adha, she examined him and told us that he had sprained (or strained?) muscle.

It was very taxing indeed for someone who dislikes crowds (people, cars, whatever) to drive to the centre of Kota Bharu town. That's one thing and another thing that Mama loathes to do is to find a parking space. That's not easy to do in Kota Bharu, during the school holidays and during office hours!
Luckily, after waiting patiently for a few minutes, Mama managed to park with the bank only a few doors away.

While Atuk hobbling slowly upstairs, and with Nenek holding his hand, Mama walked behind them. Mama realised there were two persons walking on the other side of the stairs, walking up slowly, also to the same bank. When we reached the top, Mama was so surprised to see the smiling face of Mama's former secondary school Bahasa Melayu teacher and Mama was so touched (Atuk and Nenek too - they told Mama later) when Mama's teacher called Mama 'Na' affectionately. She remembers Mama!

Mama hugged her and she hugged Mama back. We exchanged pleasantries and news. Atuk still remembers her because when Mama and other Kelantanese friends boarded the buses back and forth (Kota Bharu - Kuala Terengganu  and vice versa) for our semester holidays, she and other Kelantanese teachers were always with us, looking after us. She was still single then, and Mama's school was her first school.

She asked for the transfer back to Kelantan when Mama was in Form 3. Mama and friends missed her a lot especially Mama's homeroom members. There were only 16 of us in Homeroom E and Mama's teacher treated us like her younger brothers and sisters.

I love you Cikgu. You are a retiree now but in my heart, you are my Cikgu forever.

* Cikgu = Teacher


  1. Kalau pasal deposit box ni mesti HSBC nih..

  2. Spot on, Kak Hani.. Pandai.. is this the only bank in KB yg ada deposit box ker? Anyway, the staff was very helpful. In order to continue the deposit box service, all three of us must open an account there (Sebab Bapa letak nama kami bertiga) so Na bukak current account lah.. Hehehe..

  3. Teacher-pupil relationship is special ins own right. Yesterday an ex Almanr pupils came to my house to give an invitation card to his sister's wedding. He stayed on reminiscing his years with Pakcik. At one stage, talking about Pakcik's contribution to his education he said " Mak saya pernah kata kalau kamu tak jumpa Pakcik dulu, kamu tak akan jadi maanusia seperti sekarang." You can imagine how Pakcik felt at that moment. I had tears in my eyes to think of how much the little we give of education means to some of them.

  4. Yes, we don't need expensive gifts (but if the gifts come my way, I will not decline them hehehe). As a teacher myself, I am very happy and grateful when my former (and current) students remember me with love, respect and gratitude. We are not millionaires but we feel like one when it seems that millions of people call us 'Cikgu' affectionately. :)