Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tab Mania

Whoa, finally Mama is back after a long absence. Yup, Mama had been so busy (even though it was the year end school holidays) and with the school going to reopen in a few days' time, Mama thought Mama should write something in the blog lest it disappears due to neglect.

Mama had been lagging behind in blogging though Mama had wanted to tell lots of things here. When you grow up, my dear children, and able to read Mama's blog you will remember and be reminded of the things you had done.

After Eid-ul-Fitr, Mama and the children had some travelling to do, and Mama had been thinking very hard indeed how to prepare the children for such a long trip. Bro H would never sit still for a long time and from past experience, would have Mama climbing the wall in a short time.

After deliberating it over, Mama finally decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab (instead of the new iPad) for the children and whilst at it, bought a Samsung hand phone for Mama.

So here it is, the things that Mama bought a week after Eid and Mama had not regretted it since.

Mama's mission was successful. Bro H kept glued to the new toy in the departure halls, at the foyers, in the car, practically anywhere. And when the brother sat still, the little girl wouldn't be as adventurous thus making Mama easier to handle both of them.
At home
At the foyer of the building of the Akad Nikah (of Mama's cousin)

 Mama with a colleague during a school event. The tab is Mama's second camera.
 Bro H and Sis A with their cousin, Izzat
 At the recreational area by the Kelantan River a few days ago when Mama, Atok and Nenek went to look at the river's water level.
 Kiki the cat also didn't miss the chance of enjoying the tab while nursing her kittens.
 Watching their favourite clip on Youtube together (after some bickering)

With their half-sister, Amirah

 With their cousin, Armijn at the foyer.
 Outside the grand ballroom where the guests had their lunch. The tables were put there in case the guests need some fresh air while waiting (and for guests who bring along little ones like yours truly)
 At Atuk's cousin's house. His son was seriously injured in a hit and run accident on the PLUS highway.

 At the Tapah R & R (on the way to Ipoh for the wedding reception)
A few days after Mama bought the tab, the children were engrossed with the games at their grandparents' place.

With the friendly Moroccan couple while waiting for our flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Now Mama only has to download new games when we go for trips (short or long ones) and Mama wouldn't have to climb the walls any more.

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