Saturday, 17 November 2012

Any Old/Unused Furniture To Give Away?

From Furry Friends Farm, Malaysia Facebook and Website

Furry Friends Farm

We need second hand play pens and water feeder, for our Adoption Drive. Those who would like to give away, yours, please message/call  Myza Nordin at (016) 371 7692. You may send it to us, or we can arrange for pick up. Either way, which is convenient to you.

We also need old beds & mattress, cupboard for our worker hostel. Don't mind, old television, old radio, as well....happy worker, will be happy doing their job and in return, we have happy dogs and cats.

This is our furkids home, and our job is to make them happy and feels belong. It's heaven, seeing wagging tails and smiling face, where money can't buy !!!!


  1. I never knew you have a heart for animals as well. I hopee there is a good response to this appeal.

  2. Yes Pakcik, I do. I do love them very much. At my home, currently I have 5 adult cats and 3 kittens living with us. If Muslims are allowed to keep dogs as pets, maybe I would have one too.
    This is the least I can do to help these good and unselfish people, and those unfortunate animals, that is by spreading the word. Hopefully the readers of my blog would find a way to help those animals, either in deeds or prayers.