Sunday, 18 November 2012


Finally, Mama has finished marking and keying in the marks for the form 4 papers! What a relief to finally being able to blog, to read and to do anything Mama likes for the next 5 days. And after this, starting 24th November till 24th December Mama will be quite busy again.

Let's see, Mama has a lot of pictures to upload and stories to tell and Mama will try to do all those in these few days..

But before that, let's celebrate!


  1. Salam. So you are also an English teacher? What a coincidence. Sometimes I did write posts in English but only a handful would respond to my rantings so I switched to Malay to garner more comments...huhuhuhuhu...

  2. Salam, yes I am and I have just come across your blog a few days ago. Keep on writing especially how you tackle those students with attitude problems (in learning English). Maybe I can get some tips from you. Hehehe..