Tuesday, 10 January 2012

God Works In Mysterious Ways

Mama's tears flowed freely tonight. Mama had posted a picture of Mama and Abah on Mama's facebook a few months ago on a whim. It was nothing fancy. About a month after our wedding, Abah had come to Mama's school just to have brunch together during recess. One of Mama's students took a picture of us with her friends.
Mama could see Abah was happy in the picture and Mama could see Mama's face was glowing too.
Today Mama's step-daughter-in-law commented how happy Abah was in the picture and this has spurred more comments from Mama's friends. One comment made Mama's eyes filled with tears.

Ayu wrote: "he left u his most precious amazing children. sepasang lg (a pair)!! i knw u're a strong lady. "

Yes, again and again Mama was and is very thankful to God for blessing Mama with two beautiful children and for letting Mama feel loved by a husband, albeit temporarily.

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