Saturday, 7 January 2012


As expected, once school starts the new term, Mama again becomes a very busy career woman. Busy with the school programs, with preparation for classes and others. And not to forget the meetings. Last week was full with meetings and this week too it seems that the whole week is lined up with meetings. *Sigh*
At the moment Mama is planning to create a blog especially for Mama's students. A blog where they can find samples of essays which they can copy and use as references when they are required to write one. Yes, Mama knows that there are countless websites or blogs which serve this purpose but sometimes the content is a bit 'high-level' for Mama's mediocre performance students. However, just like this blog, Mama is trying to find or allocate a special time of the day to do this. Let's hope that Mama will be able to do that soon.

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