Monday, 2 January 2012

Gifts From The Netherlands

Today Bro H and Sis A received a parcel from Mama's Dutch pen-friend (and now facebook friend). They were so happy receiving the presents but Mama was happier. Looking at the familiar hand writing, Mama reminisced the first time she corresponded with G in 1981 when Mama was 15. Back then there was this TV programme, "The Big Blue Marble", a children's tv program which aimed to promote cultural understanding and encouraged viewers to become pen pals with children from different parts of the world.
Why the name 'Big Blue Marble'? From space, our Earth do seem like a big blue marble. You sent a postcard to the program and they'd send you a card with a name of a child and her/his address and she/he also received your name and address. Usually they would give you a pen friend from another continent/ another part of the world and G was Mama's first pen friend. Mama also had friends from Greece (H), Iran (P) and a boy from Sweden (can't remember his name, though). But we grew older, and busier so somehow we lost touch. Despite that, Mama still retains the friendship with G (albeit on and off). And with the advent of facebook, Mama and G can keep track of each other's news and life easier and faster now. Thank God for technology...

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