Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Enjoying the TuFru

Mama and the children haven't been to Tengku Anis Recreation Park for so many months. Bro H, would always get Mama stressed every time Mama said it was time to head home. He would run and challenge Mama to catch him, which was quite an ordeal because the park was a huge place. Sis A would then follow suit (come to think of it, she always imitated the things her brother did) and can you imagine the scenario? A not so young mother chasing after her two over active children?
Today Mama brought the children to their grandparents' home just to get them out of the house. This week we have one week break due to Chinese New Year so Mama didn't bring them to their pre-school. A couple of days cooped up with them was enough to make Mama climb the walls. Atok then suggested going to TARP. True enough, they played to their hearts'content; kicking the soccer ball (for a while) and the rest of the time running here and there and also climbing the big and long slides. (check out the place here http://azurahakim.fotopages.com/?entry=836130
To our surprise, a new Tutti Frutti outlet is nearby. Right opposite the main entrance to the park. And Atok met his old friend there with his family too.
The best part was, the children fell asleep in the car on the way home and finally some peace and quiet for Mama tonight...

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