Sunday, 29 July 2012

Spoon versus Butter knife

A few weeks ago, Sis A was adamant to buy the 'roti yang square' (square-shaped bread). At first, Mama was at loss thinking what kind of roti (bread) that she meant. So when we stopped at our regular grocery store, Mama let her shop for things she needed. She went to pick this,

and then this,

and Mama thought, " Well, that bread is square-shaped."
When we reached home, Sis A quickly took a table spoon and spread the 'kaya' (jam) on two slices of bread; one for her, and one for Bro H. Both of them gobbled down the bread in a matter of minutes. Mama never knew they love that kind of 'meal'. And definitely Mama never thought Sis A was capable of preparing such a simple 'meal' on her own. Mama smiled and patted Sis A's head and said, 'Anak perempuan Mama dah besar' (Mama's daughter is a big girl now). She just smiled proudly.
Then Mama went to the shelves and took this,

Mama showed her how to spread the 'kaya' evenly using the butter knife instead of spoon. As expected, she did it well.
However today, she insisted on using the spoon again (after days of using the butter knife). Mama asked her why and she told Mama that her teacher at school used a spoon, not a knife.
Well, usually the teacher always won but Mama was determined to win this time. Mama told her, ' Teacher kat school Yaya tak ada butter knife, sebab tu dia guna spoon.' (Your teacher at school does not have a butter knife, that's why she uses a spoon instead).
Luckily that girl accepted Mama's explanation and used the butter knife again.
Mama wins this round. Enough said.

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