Sunday, 22 July 2012

Furry Friends Farm

Furry Friends Farm was officially registered as a private company on 4th October, 2006 under the ownership of Sabrina Yeap. The farm started in rescuing 10 dogs in 2006 and the number of furry kids, mainly dogs and puppies has increased more to 100 to date. The farm is only dependent on volunteers and from a solo volunteer in 2006, there are 6 dedicated volunteers now since the mid of 2007.
For those who wish to make their contribution to FFF in CASH, we would appreciate it greatly if you would approach the two veterinary clinics below and help us settle some of our bills (any amount applicable, please insist on receipt):

1. Klinik Haiwan & Surgery Wawasan, Taman Wawasan Puchong. T:03-58820755

2. Pet First Veterinary Centre, Taman Usahawan, Kepong. T:0362595499

You may donate whatever amount you wish and the vet will issue you the receipt.

The above 2 clinics have been very kind to Furry Friends Farm and allowed us to prolong the settlement of our bills.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our heart!

More info: Myza Nordin @ 0163717692

Taken from: Furry Friends Farm's Facebook

Update  (26/7/2012)

In appreciation of two of FFF's long-term veterinary clinics who have kindly allowed us to prolong the settlement of our escalating medical bills over the years, yet never turning down a single FFF furkid, we are appealing to all kind donors who wish to make their contribution in CASH, to approach either of the clinics below and help FFF with the furkids' medical bills.
Any amount is greatly appreciated; please specify that your donation is for FFF and a proper receipt will be issued to you by the vet. All donations will be updated on our post here, unless specified otherwise.

1. Klinik Haiwan & Surgery Wawasan (Taman Wawasan, Puchong) T: 03-58820755
Outstanding amount as of 17 Jul 2012: RM32,694.00

2. Pet First Veterinary Centre (Taman Usahawan, Kepong) T: 03-62595499
Outstanding amount as of 17 Jul 2012:

On behalf of the new committee and furry kids, thank you for your support!

More info: Dawn Tan @ 012-3457193

Update : 15/9/2012
Happy Cat-urday and dog-urday :)

FFF would like to call for all rescuers/ owners who has surrendered their dogs/cats to FFF to continue the RM 30 per dog/cat a month program. This is to help us to continue to provide food and means for the well-being for these residents. FFF is fully dependant on public donation and we need a min of RM 40K to sustain the operation of the Farm, and that excludes the medical bill. We hope the public will support us in continuing Sabrina's good work.

Our Public Bank Berhad account number -

Furry Friends Farm 178842626
Society registration - PPM 027-10-14082012

Do e-mail us at issuance of receipt.

Thank you, god bless and have a good weekend.

Update: 18/9/2012

Sigh ! its raining with sick dogs at FFF. And we need you help with the medical bill.
Beijing is a 7 year old girl. Arrived at FFF in January 2012. She was brought in by a lady as Beijing was not getting on with her dog. She had found Beijing wandering in the street. So FFF agreed to take her in. She was a little overwhelmed at first but soon settled in. She followed one of the Volunteers everywhere on her rounds at the Farm. Beijing always had a weak back leg and walked awkwardly, but her spirit was strong and determined. She& a little arrival called Princess became good friends bit generally Beijing did not care much for the company of other dogs. She is a one person dog and is very loyal. Sadly Beijing back leg have given way to the degeneration of her hip bone and to make matters worse for she has a problem with her spine. Beijing is currently at the vet having treatment & physiotherapy.Surgery is not an option for her condition as it is risky and very small chance of succeed. We all hope she will walk back again as her & body are still very strong. However, if treatment fails we will need to get her a wheel chair and someone special to give her the a happy and caring home she deserves. She is a very loving girl.

Please send her your positive vibes and prayers. Beijing is scheduled for acupuncture sessions with Dr. Susanna, soon. Stray strong girl !

Kind supporters, for those who are still unsure/unaware of how you can make a donation to FFF, here are the details again:

Account name: Furry Friends Farm
Society registration no: PPM-027-10-14082012 (14Aug12)

1) Cash deposit/transfer/intergiro to PUBLIC BANK BERHAD: 3178842626

2) Paypal account:
Transaction fees (charged to FFF): 3.4% + RM2 per donation/transaction

3) Cheques payable to: Furry Friends Farm
Foreign cheques bank commission (charged to FFF): 0.1% (min Rm20, max Rm100)

Kindly notify us at once you've made a donation.

We deeply appreciate your continuous support!

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