Sunday, 8 July 2012

Captain T Restaurant

There is a new eatery in town. Finally it began its operation about three weeks ago. Mama heard that the owner is a Penangite millionaire and is so into ships and that's why the restaurants are shaped like ships.

There are two restaurants; one is on land and another is floating on the Kelantan River. The floating restaurant looked tempting but with two very active young children in tow, we decided against it. Moreover, the waitress who showed us the way told us that we had to wait longer for the food if we chose to eat at the floating one.

There are also benches and tables if you prefer to dine al fresco but we wanted to experience climbing to the upper decks and imagine that we were dining on a boat so off we went, climbing a flight of stairs and we chose the first deck (or berth?)

There are a variety of seafood offered and we chose a bit of this and a bit of that. The prices of food are a bit steep but my brother was paying for the meal so who cares? *evil laugh*.

The view is very beautiful. Mama could see the Sultan Yahya (the previous Ruler of Kelantan) Bridge in the distance, and on the other side, the Masterskill buiding (a private institution), just next to TESCO. And we could also see the unique way of sending the food that customers ordered to the floating restaurant - they used a container tied to a hanging rope. Actually we thought there was a boat that could take us cruising up and down the river, sort of a river cruise but the boat was actually that floating restaurant!
All in all, it was a nice and relaxing meal, with the soothing evening breeze.


  1. As Salam Cik Gu,
    I was browsing/checking the stats on my blog when I noticed your blog address as one of the visitors and am surprise too that you had linked my blog to yours :). Actually I have visited your blog a few times via Al-Manar's blog posts. If you don't mind I will link your blog to mine..kita ni ke samo-samo oghe Kelate 'wink wink'..Have a nice day and take care :)

  2. Salam naniasda,
    yes, i found your blog when i googled for 'captain T restaurant' yesterday and i found that the pictures are very beautifully captured. i found that you're just like me, as novice at blogging. i still haven't got the time to read all your entries that's why i add your blog to my bloglist. hehehe.. yes, we are sama-sama oghe kelate (fellow kelantanese).. salam perkenalan..

  3. I become` very suspicious when two Kelantanese, especially ladies begin to talk, "...kita ni ke samo-samo oghe Kelate 'wink wink'...." See that wink, wink? And poor Pakcik's name was mentioned too.

    Now you two can conspire and decide who will give Makcik and Pakcik a treat at the Capt T. And there is another Kelantanese lady blogger who has visited our home.

  4. Just drop here and read your entry about Captain T Restaurant. I take the last picture from your entry here for my blog entry. Not to worry, i will declare its from your blog.

    Since your blog in english... so, my comment also in English too... :)
    Nice entry...

    1. Thanks Izni Hafiz, for stopping by and leaving your comment here. You are most welcome to use the pictures in my blog.