Saturday, 24 March 2012

We Rejoice

The STPM and SPM results have been announced early this month (STPM) and last week (SPM). How many of us teachers had to cringe waiting for the results to be announced? Mama for instance couldn't really sleep the night before. If the English Language results is better compared to previous year, it is a relief. But what if there is decline in percentage? Mama couldn't bear thinking about it. SPM is not everything, Mama kept telling herself but tell that to the principal.. hahahaha..
Anyway, the students didn't disappoint us. As a matter of fact, Mama's school was in the limelight for both exams. One of the STPM candidates was in fact one of the best STPM students in the country. And for SPM, one of the straight As students was one of the 18 best students of the state (Kelantan). Not bad, huh for an unknown school. As it is, the success of the these students and their friends have spurred Mama and colleagues to continue teaching our students.With more zest. With more enthusiasm.
Mama's advice to PMR/SPM/STPM candidates this year would be this: try your very best, but do not kill yourself. Life is bigger than exams. It certainly does not end with a bad exam results.