Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sarina Restaurant

Oh my, it has been ages since Mama updated her last entry in this blog. There are lots of events and stuff that Mama wanted to put here but as usual, Mama has lots of other things to do and she tends to procrastinate hence the silence.
Well, this evening Mama went again to this restaurant with the children. Mama comes here at least once or twice in a fortnight. The first time Mama was here, Bro H kept telling Mama about 'abang biru' ('elder brother' dressed in blue). The 'abang biru' in fact was one of the cooks there so after they finished cooking our food, they tend to hang out near the counter. The name stuck even after our several visits later although the cook didn't wear his blue t-shirt any more.
Why do you think Mama always comes here and orders the same menu (fried noodles for Bro H and fried rice for Mama and Sis A)? It's because of the hospitality they had shown Mama and the children the first time we came. When our order came to our table, Bro H refused to eat his fried noodle at first. This is because they put ground peanut on top of the fried noodle and Bro H pushed his plate away saying 'sand.. sand' (because the ground peanut looked like a small pile of sand). The waiter took it away smilingly and understandingly when Mama explained and apologized. He said it was okay and didn't make Mama feel guilty for asking him to bring another plate of noodle. Now, when we stop here, Bro H always go and watch the cooks preparing our order and they don't mind it at all. In fact, they are a warm bunch of people and understand Mama's difficulty in managing the children. They help to look out for the children when Mama is tucking into her food. They even know Bro H's and Sis A's names.
The Sarina Restaurant is not new. It has been there when Mama was still a little girl. The food is tasty of course but you can find tasty and delicious fare in any restaurants in Kota Bharu or other places but what is hard to find is the hospitality and the empathy shown by the staff there to a mother eating out with two boisterous children.

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