Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Gazebo

It has been a routine for Mama and the children to stay overnight at Atok and Nenek's place on Thursday nights. The children always look forward to it because of the goodies there (food and toys). When they get new toys/books/puzzles, Bro H and Sis A tend to drag them along when they are going somewhere.Sometimes it is to Atok and Nenek's place. Sometimes it will be their preschool. That's why most of the toys at TP (our house) begin to disappear from time to time. They (the children) tend to be careless with their toys much so when Bro H starts to create stories while playing (and much to Mama's dismay), his toys would be unrecognisable once he is done with them. Well, as for Atok, he is meticulous and careful with his things. So no wonder the children's toys are intact in his safekeeping because he would only allow them to play with the toys once in a while. When the children came back from their pre-school last Thursday, unquestionably they were pleasantly surprised to see a gazebo standing at the corner of the front yard. Sis A turned to Mama excitedly and said 'Mama, ada house'. They climbed onto the gazebo instantly. Mama is pleased with it too. It is a replica of a traditional one, with real thatched Nipah roof and bamboo floor. It brings a lot of sweet memories when Mama was a child, visiting Mok (Mama's maternal grandmother) at the village. Yesterday, before we came home, Mama managed to nap for a while, being lulled by the gentle morning breeze while the children kept climbing up and down the new structure at their grandparents' lawn. We even had our breakfast there but sorry Mama forgot to take pictures. And today Nenek told Mama that two neighbourhood kids even asked for her permission to sit there while having their snacks. In the old days, this kind of gazebo won't worth a second glance but now it has become hit in the housing area. This reminds us to take good care of our heritage, right?

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