Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bad Mama

A few nights ago Mama was a very bad mother. Mama was very tired and sleepy. Sis A finally fell asleep and Mama thought of marking some students' scripts before hitting the sack. Bro H as usual didn't bother Mama much and always did his own stuff like playing the online games or watching robot car / truck clips on YouTube but that night we had lightning and heavy rains so Internet was a big no-no. He was busy doodling something in his book and Mama was trying to mark an essay when Mama heard an irritating sound. Yep, Bro H was writing on the tiles instead on paper and that was the sound that Mama heard. Mama admonished him once. He did it again. Then Mama warned him again. Then he did it again (maybe just to annoy Mama). Then Mama got up and spanked him hard on his arm. (Mama was careful never to touch his body because Atuk always told Mama never hit a child above the hips). Then Mama went back to do Mama's work. Then Mama realised that there wasn't any sound coming from Bro H. Usually when Mama scolds or spanks him, Bro H would only sulk for a while after which he would ask Mama to give him a hug. But that night, no.. he hid his face under the pillow. Mama was curious. Mama took a peek and Mama saw that he was crying silently, tear drops fell slowly on his cheeks. Filled with remorse (and suddenly Mama realised that this boy had grown), Mama asked for a hug. He got up and hugged Mama, and cried loudly. Both of us were crying then (luckily Sis A didn't wake up) and Mama asked, 'Sakit ker? (Is it painful?). Bro H nodded and cried again. Mama said, 'Bro H, you are a big boy now. Lain kali Mama suruh stop, Bro H kena stop lah nanti Mama marah'. (Next time when Mama asked you to stop, you have to stop doing it because it made Mama angry). Bro H nodded. Both of us cried again. Mama hugged him tighter and said that Mama loved him so much and Mama was sorry that Mama had hurt him. He nodded and luckily he stopped crying and cheered up a little. Mama sat next to him until he fell asleep and Mama went to bed crying too.


  1. Such tender moments as you are recording today will many years from today, beleive me, become a source for aweet memories of yesteryears.

  2. Yes, I wish all that can be recorded on video so that I can torture them many, many years from now.. hehehe..

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