Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Harish is 5

Mama's boy is 5 today. My dear Harish,Mama hopes that Mama has been a good mother to you and Yaya. It's not easy to care for two active toddlers (and now preschoolers) but Mama had managed somehow. Mama was no angel and is still not but Mama is trying her very best to be a good mother to both of them.
What will you be in the future, dear? Sometimes you tinker with your toy cars and Mama thinks a mechanic is in the making. Then you build up things with your building blocks and lego sets, and perhaps an architect or an engineer? To Mama's horror sometimes you play with Yaya's tea party set and serve Mama a make-believe cake and a cup of tea. When you start to place a make-believe stethoscope on Mama's chest and hands, Mama smiles to herself. Once in a while you would pretend to teach your sister by pointing something at the wall using a ruler, and Mama said to herself' Is he going to be another ME?"
Anyway, Que Sera Sera.. whatever will be, will be and the future's not ours to see. Whatever you choose to be in the future, you will always be Mama's beloved son.


  1. Indeed que sera sera. This is how you feel today. Insya Allah when you rech Makcik's age and mine too, you will tell yourself I wonder wht my grandchildren will be. Yes we have ten of them today, the two eldest sitting for their SPM end of the year. Bur we are not as worried as we were at your age looking at own children.

    Do your best and have trust in HIM, the Ultimate Planner.

  2. Dear Pakcik, that's what I've been telling myself too, from time to time. To put my trust in Him.
    And when they grow up and read this blog, they will understand me better.
    And speaking about grandchilren, you are about my father's age (he's 72 this year) and his eldest grandchild is 7 years old.