Monday, 13 February 2012

Gotong Royong

As promised in previous entry, Mama will blog a bit about the recent activity in Mama's school last Saturday. We had the Program Jiwa Murni (Pure Heart Program) which was actually an euphemism for Gotong Royong. It went well, to our relief. It seemed that almost all teachers and students were so caught up in beautifying and cleaning the school compound and the classrooms that some of them were willing to continue this Wednesday. The main focus last Saturday was on the 'taman-taman' (parks), the classrooms and the noticeboards.The school prefects helped the teachers in charge of the noticeboards, the members of the clubs and societies helped their advisors with the parks and the rest of the students helped their class teachers to decorate and make their class more attractive and cheerful. When Mama went around the school to see the progress (and of course to take pictures), Mama could see they were enjoying themselves. And to end such a good day, the teachers had brought some food from home to share with their students and also with colleagues. Yeah, we Malaysians eat a lot. All the time. Enough said.

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