Monday, 1 April 2013

Four Seven

Today Mama is 47.
And a few colleague and friends gave Mama these. Thanks for the thought and love..

Photo: Thanks Madihah Muhammad, Noor Adilah Mohd Yusof Zanariah Mustapha and Mahazan Derahman for these!

Photo: Thank you Chic Nor!

Photo: Presents for Mama, Harish and Alia ker, Chic Nor? Thanks a zillion!


  1. Many happy returns of the day, I wish you all the best things in life Cikgu! Still young at Four Seven :)

  2. A belated birthday wish to you. As Naniasda says above you are still young. A lot of good things are still in store for you, sharing the joy of your children's life for einstance

  3. Thanks Pak Cik! Sorry for the late reply... I doze off early nowadays so I don't have time to update my blog or visit other people's blogs.