Friday, 6 April 2012

Kelantan Book Fair

We all know the advantages of being a Bookworm -the imaginative experience, the broadening of horizons, the constant friends(a book) and vast built-up of general knowledge.
Mama loves to read and have loved reading since Mama was a little child. Mama loves epic stories, Mama loves series (especially the Enid Blyton ones) and recurring characters. Mama likes fantasy and romance (Mills & Boons, Silhouette series) most but can read just about anything if the book is decent and interesting.

Put Mama in a book store / book fair and rest assured that Mama will always find something to bring home. When Mama was a student in Penang, Mama'd scourge the second hand book shops (usually at Lebuh Macalister or the Chowrasta) for a good bargain. Imagine buying about 20 books for less than RM100 (then). Then when Mama became a teacher, Mama bought more and more books and magazines (brand new and second hand) and this time Mama shared my love for reading with Mama's students.

Last Monday Mama went to the book fair. As expected, there were many people there (mostly students) looking, choosing and buying the books and magazines. To Mama's surprise, a few of Mama's ex students were working as temporary staff there. It was very difficult to find suitable books for Bro H and Sis A but luckily the staff manning the place were very helpful. Mama was very impressed and touched. Mama spent more on the children's books. Mama was given about 10 lucky draw coupons for spending nearly RM100 but Mama guess Mama wasn't that lucky. What a pity because one of the prizes was IPad2...

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