Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bro H

He's my first-born. Poor him, Sis A came 11 months later and I was so worked up looking after 2 babies so maybe I was guilty of not paying him much attention. Tonight, I caressed his hair (frankly, I have not done that for a while, with Sis A always vying for attention too). He was about to drift to Slumberland and I said, "H, nanti jaga Yaya deh?" He nodded. "Nanti jaga Mama juga". Another nod. Wanting to tease him, I asked, " H sayang Mama?" Nod. "H sayang Yaya?". Nod. Then I asked him again, "H sayang Abah?" He shook his head vigorously and turned his head away. From his stiff shoulders, I could see he was angry. I was speechless. Maybe he thought Abah didn't 'sayang' (love) him. Maybe he thought Abah had abandoned him. My tear drops fell.
Bro H dear, when you are a little bit older, you'd understand why Abah isn't here.


  1. Bro H, see what your mum did to me..I am choking with tears after reading this.Bro H, your daddy loves you soooooooo much but dear, God knows what is the best for us all. you grow up n be a good boy k....

  2. Kak Hani, I guess Bro H felt that his Abah didn't love him and us anymore because he was not around to play with him, to give a ride on the motorcycle like he used to when Bro H was younger.